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Inliner Caps

PatchWork3d: Inliner Slalom

Today I was at an inline skating freestyle slalom competition in Karlsruhe - because as you can see on the website, inline skating is one of my little passions and I drove a lot of kilometers with mine and I did some rolls except for practical the rim.

Since a few weeks I meet some very talented people on my long training track every now and then (especially on Sunday), who do a relatively unknown but for me quite impressive sport: Inliner Freestyle Slalom.

I tried it a little myself and I’m pretty sure it would take me a long time to do even the simplest tricks of this kind and if you talk to the athletes you’ll notice how much motivation and dedication there is in the game and how much it must have been before they managed to do such tricks. And this is just great to see :).

But I digress: What this is actually about is a tool for this sport. There is certainly a better name for it and if I wasn’t so ignorant, I could have remembered the name for it, but in the absence of the real name, I just call them inline caps.

In principle this is a very simple "little hat" around which the different tricks ("slalom", you remember?) are driven. Now, however, it slowly gets dark earlier and so there is sometime an end to seeing the caps. Despite repeated assurances that such a thing would not be necessary, I decided to try out the print with a fluorescent plastic and to be able to make such inliner caps glow when it gets a bit too dark. (yes, I can be annoying, I already know ;) )

PatchWork3d: Inliner Caps 01 as 3d Print

PatchWork3d: Inliner Caps 02 at 3d Print

Inliner Caps Fluorescent Plastic


Here you can see my efforts and my result. I will then give these to the especially talented athletes and have a look: Maybe you can help ;). And of course I will also keep a few of them to maybe get some smaller tricks sometime.

Are you wondering about the different luminosity? Well, if you can stack the things, you might do that and then the cap at the top catches a lot of light, so that the light rays do not reach underneath that much anymore.

One will probably still be allowed to dream... ;)
By the way, if you come from the Karlsruhe area and would like to try the whole thing, you are welcome to visit the Europahalle. On Saturdays and Sundays afternoon until evening some of these wizards train there again and again and they are certainly very happy about the corresponding interest. :)


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