A colleague recently asked me about a "gong" app in the Microsoft Store ... (more)

Attention Please App bei PatchWork3d für den Microsoft Store


UP­DATE: With the March update, the PDF bug has been fixed, but if ... (more)



Microsoft Mixed Reality is the VR and AR platform from Microsoft, ... (more)

Dell Visor - Microsoft Mixed Reality at Patchwork3d



Here you can find different downloads like Wallpapers, A:M Exporter and A:M Shader.



A:M Materialien



Where can I download Animation:Master?

The newest version of Animation:Master is always available here:
Hash Forum - Latest Info.

Is there a trial version of Animation:Master?

Yes, there is one! Many will tell you there is non but since a few month that is no longer true. Get a fully featured, 14 days working Animation:Master trial by simply following the informations on this website:


You are using Google Chrome...

Do you know that Google is known for not respecting your privacy and using your data without really asking for it?
For instance Chrome will scan your computer and the files you saved on it, transfers data about your internet surfing to Google and creates a extensive profile about you as a Chrome user.
Additional information can be found here: Why you should not use Google products if you can avoid it.

Because of that we recommend using another browser:


If my website sucks, you do not need to visit it.
Have a nice day and think about how much you have payed to visit it? Nothing...
How many ads do you see at it? None.

How much money do I earn from it? Nothing.
Does it cost me something to host it? Hell yeah.

I do not see why I should provide it to you to be insulted?