Lately I’ve been annoyed that unfortunately one of my MXR controllers ... (more)

Controller bluetooth block


Interacting with the virtual environment in MXR/VR systems requires ... (more)

Microsoft Mixed Reality Motion Controller 2


The Mixed Reality headsets are not only cheaper, easier to connect ... (more)

Mixed Reality Inside-Out-Tracking Vergleich with Sensor-basierend



Here you can find different downloads like Wallpapers, A:M Exporter and A:M Shader.



A:M Materialien



Where can I download Animation:Master?

The newest version of Animation:Master is always available here:
Hash Forum - Latest Info.

Is there a trial version of Animation:Master?

Yes, there is one! Many will tell you there is non but since a few month that is no longer true. Get a fully featured, 14 days working Animation:Master trial by simply following the informations on this website:


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