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Last edit: 05. May. 2024, 17:19h

3d printing: Xbox gamepad holder with the 3d printer for the LeetDesk

I recently found an offer for “Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time“ on Steam. The platform game is quite well-known and much more enjoyable to play with a gamepad. So I took out my XBox One S wireless controller and am now playing it with it. A new accessory has now been added to my LeetDesk Dark Pro so that it can be stowed away easily. Simple, but very effective. :)
Last edit: 04. May. 2024, 18:35h

3d print: Image hanger (incl. download)

I bought new pictures to hang up. Two of the three pictures had a plastic hanger attached, which is supposed to make hanging them up easier by allowing the nail or screw to be clipped in at several points. If you even use two nails, the picture is even fixed in position... All pretty nice, but unfortunately not all pictures come with it, as happened with my 3rd picture. So I designed and printed a corresponding hanger part myself, which ...
Last edit: 17. Feb. 2024, 12:30h

3d printing: Accessories for the LeetDesk Dark Pro from the 3d printer

Today the 3rd accessory (the smartphone holder) came out of the 3D printer for my LeetDesk Dark Pro. The models are of course from Animation:Master and are specially adapted to the table in terms of thickness and structure of the holder:
Last edit: 14. Feb. 2024, 21:22h

Valentine’s Day 2024

As always, there’s a little Valentine’s Day gift from me. A little heart that was created with A:M and Blender and then, of course, printed out using P1S.
Last edit: 24. Dec. 2023, 14:46h

Merry Christmas 2023

It’s the day of Christmas Eve and today, as always, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, reflective and wonderful holiday season. Have fun, good food and hopefully great presents. :) And of course A:M had a hand in this picture again ;). And for those who are a little bored before the Christmas party: Advent calendar 2023 All the best and see you soon :).
Last edit: 08. Mar. 2021, 23:16h

New video tutorial: Some texturing methods with A:M

Animation:Master can apply different texturing methods. Some of them (pure decal stamping however is not covered) are explained in this tutorial. Especially for users of programmes from classic polygon programmes there can be some interesting things here, because known systems in A:M are explained here. Especially interesting can be the combination of A:M and 3dCoat: If you prefer to learn about decal stamping (a very intuitive system), ...

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