How is a 3d-animation created?

People think, that you need Millions of Dollars to create an animation, but this is just not true.

All you need is a 3d-software and a bit time.

3d-software like Hash Animation:Master, 3ds max, Cinema4d, Blender and XSI are all able to produce high-quality outputs if they are used by a talented 3d-artist.

Screenshot A:M

Image: A screenshot of Animation:Master


Steps to create a 3d-film:

  • Modelling – how to create 3d models
  • Texturing – how to design the materials of 3d models
  • Rigging – how to prepare 3d models for animation
  • Animation – how to animate 3d models
  • Rendering – how to export the images from the 3d software

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