Phonem Examples

I translated this tutorial for the german site from the english original.
You can find it in the english original at the following Link:
Phonem-Example-Tutorials from Gary C. Martin.


Phonem 1

Phonem: A und I

Example sounds are: apple, day, hat, happy, rat, act, plait, dive, aisle.


Phonem 2

Phonem: C, D, G, K, N, R, S, Y und Z

Example sounds are: sit, expend, act, pig, sacked, bang, key, band, buzz, dig, sing.


Phonem 3

Phonem: O

Example sounds are: honk, hot, off, odd, fetlock, exotic, goat.


Phonem 4

Phonem U

Example sounds are: fund, universe, you runner, jump, fudge, treasure.


Phonem 5

Phonem E

Example sounds are: egg, free, peach, dream, tree.


Phonem 6

Phonem: F, V

Example sounds are: forest, daft, life, fear, very, endeavour.


Phonem 7

Phonem: M, B, P

For many M, B and P sounds, it\'s important that the phoneme shape should be reached before the M, B or the P sound is made, the sound is often only made as the pose breaks. Example words are: embark, bear, best, put, plan, imagine, mad, mine.


Phonem 8

Phonem TH

Example sounds are: the, that, then, they, this, brother.


Phonem 9

Phonem W, Q

Example sounds are: cower, quick, wish, skewer, how.


Phonem 10

Phonem: Rest

The rest shape is not a phoneme as such but a shape used during pauses between words and sentences.


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