Other hobbies

Wet nose, faithful eyes

Garmin - one of the most known navigation systems. I can't say if Garmin is the best manufacture in that area, but the navigation system we are using has floppy ears and his own will, but in the end both may bring you to a destination.

Our Golden Retriever Labrador (you may have guess right: His name is Garmin) and can be as annoying as a bad manufactured navi systems.

But one thing he has on his side is: He can look that sweetly that you are not able to deny him anything. But he is also a big fighter if needed. Jokes aside: A dog is his whole life long one of the most faithfull friend and a real bodyguard. And with that face you just have to love him.



Inline Skates

A motion blur in the air, a consistent sound and someone rushes past. As fast a middle-fast bike a inline skater drives along.

Many think that inlining is very dangerous - for drivers and pedestrian. But it really is not. A skater who knows how to drive will not fall without a good reason. Especially if a pedestrian moves his body to the middle of the street, so that he blocks all of the road.

It would be much wiser to just stay still or walk in the same way as before. Like that the skater can prevision what you are doing. It is the same as if a biker would drive by.



I have been driving for several years quite exessive 3 to 6 times a week about 15-20 km. Only in very few cases I can't stear or brake anymore – maybe once a year. And if I need to, I would drive in grass or even in the nettle plants.


Guitar & Keyboard

And of course there is more to tell: I try to learn guitar and play the piano keyboard. My two western guitares (Ibanez EW20WNE-NT, Sigma 00M-1ST) and my concert guitar (a Voggenreiter for beginners) are played daily by me and I try to become better and better.

My 3 Akustik-Guitars


You are using Google Chrome...

Do you know that Google is known for not respecting your privacy and using your data without really asking for it?
For instance Chrome will scan your computer and the files you saved on it, transfers data about your internet surfing to Google and creates a extensive profile about you as a Chrome user while combining those data with all other services of Google.

Additional information can be found here: Why you should not use Google products if you can avoid it.

Because of that I highly recommend using another browser:


If my website sucks, you do not need to visit it.
Have a nice day and think about how much you have payed to visit it? Nothing...
How many ads do you see at it? None.

How much money do I earn from it? Nothing.
Does it cost me something to host it? Hell yeah.

I do not see why I should provide it to you to be insulted?