Have you been eagerly waiting? Here after a "long" wait I present ... (more)

blog bild am bench 2017 ryzen at PatchWork3d


A I already told you about 1. part, I've got a new PC. In this part ... (more)

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU for A:M at PatchWork3d


Last week I bought a new PC which should replace my AMD Phenom II ... (more)

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 PC for A:M at PatchWork3d


Welcome to PatchWork3d, your
Hash Animation:Master-Ressource!

It is a pleasure to welcome you on PatchWork3d.de. Find video-tutorials for
Hash Animation:Master, 3d graphic projects of Gerald Zum Gahr and a blog
about 3d and Hash Animation:Master.

Additional to that you will find personal information, music, drawings and text projects on this website. Since I am a web developer too, you may find informations about my own CMS-System used for this website and hopefully many more useful information. Have fun!

What exactly is Hash Animation:Master?

You will often read the name Animation:Master on this website. It is a cheap but very powerful 3d programms out there not only famous for its very intuitiv and powerful character animation tools. If you want to know more about Animation:Master, please have a look at the Software Focus area.

If you have any questions, need a special tutorial or if you have a tutorial which
you want to be added here, please contact me!

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