Welcome to PatchWork3d, your Hash Animation:Master-Resource!

It is a pleasure to welcome you on PatchWork3d.de. Find video-tutorials for Hash Animation:Master, 3d graphic projects of Gerald Zum Gahr and a blog
about 3d and Hash Animation:Master.

Additional to that you will find personal information, music, drawings and text projects on this website. Since I am a web developer too, you may find information about my own CMS system used for this website and hopefully much more useful information. Have fun!

What exactly is Hash Animation:Master?

You will often read the name Animation:Master on this website. It is an inexpensive but pretty powerful 3d program that is famous for its very intuitive and powerful character animation tools. If you want to know more about Animation:Master, please have a look at the Software Focus area.

If you have any questions, need a special tutorial or if you have a tutorial which you want to be added here, please contact me!

Marienkäfer at PatchWork3d