What is 3d?

Today, with companies like Pixar, in the time of computergames and the newly popular 3d-display-technologies most people are aware of the meaning of the expression 3d.

But what is the background of that? This area of the website will describe and explain some of the technologies, softwareprogramms and connected subjects which are used to create 3d-products.

The informations are far from absolute and they are although not meant to explain every possible thing but they are meant to give a brief overview about the possibilities of the 3d-technolgies.

Pixar is known all over the world as a studio, that creates since about 15 years stunning and futureleading animationfilms, but although other studios as DreamWorks Animation are getting noticeable.

3d Animations
Image: Animationfilms like 'Beyond the hedge', 'Hunting Season', 'KungFuPanda' and 'Monster Inc.'



3d Games
Image: 3d-Games (Beyond good and evil, Assasine Creed, Prince of Percia)

But Animations are not the biggest 3d-graphics-market.

Much more important is the computergames industry. This 6 billion dollar market is employing most workers in the 3d-business and develops many amazing projects with technolgy that is involving very fast.

While a few years ago, all the video-sequences in games where created with non-real-time-technolgies, today that has changed and many games are just using the realtime-engines to tell the story.


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