Sailfish OS: Important apps and patches

Sailfish OS is a very open system which does only install very basic functionalities so you can decide for yourself what you want on your smartphone without any bloatware. This is great, but sometimes it means that some features which might be considered "basic" on other OSes are not available at the start.

In this list I collected important apps (at least the once I find important) and patches / post-install features you might not want to miss if you are using SFOS.

Sailfish OS & Android Support


  • Storeman (OpenRepos client, very secure)
  • F-Droid (Android store, fairly secure)
  • Aptoide (Android store, rather unsafe apps!)
  • ApkPure (Android-Store, rather unsafe apps!)
  • Aurora Store (Android-Store, anonymous Playstore client)




Chat & Communication

Screen transfer