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A:M Direct X Exporter (X)
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A:M Direct X Exporter

A:M Direct X Exporter

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With this exporter you are able to export your Models with animation-data(bones with CP-Weights) and textures to the DirectX-Fileformat(7 or 8).

You will find the plugin for v13, v14 and v15(Win and Mac OSX), as well as a manual and the sourcecode in the ZIP-file.

The X-Exporter is based on the original Obsidian Games-Exporter from Chris Roy.

It was recompiled for A:M v15 (2009) by Steffen Gross. If you are using A:M v16 or up, the plugin should be preinstalled with A:M.

Please read the readme-files in the zip-file for more informations or have a look at this tutorial video.


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