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Last edit: 10. Sep. 2023, 17:01h

3d Pressure from keyboard supports: The one that keeps breaking or getting lost...

Who doesn’t know them: Those little supports on keyboards that make the keyboard stand up and thus improve the typing feel. A tiny part of half a cent, which destroys the whole feeling as soon as it breaks, but of course only accounts for a fraction of the actual device. And, of course, the gizmos have to be slightly different for virtually all keyboards. But this is where a 3d printer helps tremendously: I’ve now printed several different ...
Last edit: 06. Aug. 2023, 16:15h

Sailfish OS: Situations

The Situations app is a very helpful companion for SFOS users. It lets the user respond to different situations with automatic actions. You leave the house? Maybe you want to switch on mobile data instead of WLAN? One is in a meeting? Now all indications should be switched to mute? Situations can do it for you. How this basically works can be seen in this video:
Last edit: 09. Jul. 2023, 13:35h

Sailfish OS: Shake Torch

An app that sounds really good then showed me after a few days that it also has its downsides. It’s about Shake Torch. This is a Sailfish OS app that turns on the camera light when you shake the phone. This works not bad at all (you can see it well in this video here): Only... it works "always". So, for example, even if you are in a hurry and have the phone in your pocket, or you walk with the smartphone in hand and PureMaps / the navigator ...
Last edit: 03. Jun. 2023, 19:59h

Sailfish OS: How to use all 4 cameras of the Sony Xperia 10 III

Users of SailfishOS on the Sony Xperia 10 III have surely already noticed it and at least wondered or even got annoyed that they can only use one of the 3 cameras on the back of the smartphone and the selfie camera on the other side. This is probably due to a limitation of the access options via Sony’s driver, which only allows two different camera stacks. BUT, there is now a workaround for this, which you can activate and deactivate with ...
Last edit: 05. May. 2023, 19:45h

3d printing: mini spare part for my car

At some point, a small part of my car was simply gone. Maybe the workshop forgot to reassemble it after a procedure, maybe it fell off - who knows. In the end it doesn’t matter, but it annoyed me for a long time and even the authorized dealer couldn’t tell me where to get it back or reorder it himself. So today I looked at the part and thought: Then I print it myself. So that it really looks exactly the same, I probably still have to get ...
Last edit: 02. Apr. 2023, 17:46h

The future of gastronomy?

Have you been to McDonalds lately? I haven’t been there in a long time and now I’ve been there again and the short answer is: If you have not been there for a long time, I understand very well. How do I suddenly get the idea to report about it here? Isn’t it mostly about 3d printing, SailfishOS and the like? Yes, and every now and then it’s also about why I use Sailfish OS, for example, and don’t willy-nilly go to a local electronics ...

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