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Last edit: 15. Jul. 2024, 02:36h

Sailfish OS: App “Vodman“

If you ever wanted to watch a video on a train or were simply annoyed by very poor or no Internet reception (e.g. when camping or on a plane) or high roaming charges on vacation, this app offers a remedy: For example, you can download a few videos from streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch or even Arte, Kabel 1 and other providers to your Sailfish OS Phone in the hotel or even at home and then simply watch them offline. The app offers ...
Last edit: 25. May. 2024, 21:31h

Jolla Love Day 2: SFOS Abo Modell

At the Jolla Love Day 2 there was an announcement regarding a new subscription model for Sailfish OS. There should be a 5 Euro / month subscription fee for certain paid features of the OS (mainly App Support for APKs, Microsoft Exchang Support and Textprediction). So far, these are available for a one-off payment of 29-49 euros. (depending on whether it is an upgrade to a new phone or a new purchase) However, this announcement was received ambivalently ...
Last edit: 20. May. 2024, 22:23h

Jolla Love Day 2: Das neue Jolla Community Phone C2, das Sailfish OS 4.6 Update und Jollas Mind 2-KI Device

Today was Jolla Love Day 2 with a keynote lasting just over an hour and what can we say: There was a lot that Jolla presented to us. The most important news: Sailfish OS 4.6 update is now available in Early Access Support for the Sony Xperia 10 IV and 10 V will come in 1-2 months, app support then in August A new “Jolla Community Phone C2“ has been introduced Subscription model for app support (and co.) introduced The Mercedes E-Class ...
Last edit: 05. May. 2024, 17:19h

3d printing: Xbox gamepad holder with the 3d printer for the LeetDesk

I recently found an offer for “Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It’s About Time“ on Steam. The platform game is quite well-known and much more enjoyable to play with a gamepad. So I took out my XBox One S wireless controller and am now playing it with it. A new accessory has now been added to my LeetDesk Dark Pro so that it can be stowed away easily. Simple, but very effective. :)
Last edit: 04. May. 2024, 18:35h

3d print: Image hanger (incl. download)

I bought new pictures to hang up. Two of the three pictures had a plastic hanger attached, which is supposed to make hanging them up easier by allowing the nail or screw to be clipped in at several points. If you even use two nails, the picture is even fixed in position... All pretty nice, but unfortunately not all pictures come with it, as happened with my 3rd picture. So I designed and printed a corresponding hanger part myself, which ...
Last edit: 21. Apr. 2024, 18:12h

Sailfish OS: Zimpedia

Sometimes you get into situations where the internet just doesn’t work as well as you would like it to. The connection can be poor when you’re out for a walk in the woods, or even in the city there can be dropouts in buildings and so on. If you still need access to wikis, for example, you may have a problem. That’s where Zimpedia comes in. The app can read and search so-called ZIM files. These are practically zipped versions of the website ...

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