3d Painter

Every 3d-artist has at least heard of ZBrush or Mudbox. There is something equal for AM too called 3dPainter.


In difference to ZBrush and Co. it handles the native A:M fileformat and can be activated by plugin from A:M. With this plugin it is possible to start 3d-Painter and to hand the model over to 3d-Painter. Now you can edit the model in 3dPainter, save it and get it back to A:M to work on.

3dPainter is developed by Pixosaur (www.3dpainter.com)

3d Painter Logo

Image: 3d Painter


3d Painter 2

Image: The Plugin in A:M

3d Painter 3

Image: The model in 3dPainter



3d Painter offers a autodecal function which will unwrap the model and apply a texture to it.

This feature can help in many situations, although it is not as good as unwrapping by hand.

3d Painter 4

Image: Autodecal Feature


3d Painter 5

Bild: Das Problem mit Autodecal

The Drawback

While the autodecal-function is really fine to get a mesh unwrapped without much of trouble it has one major drawback so: You cannot paint in regular mode on your models.


Die Lösung

The solution is the projection-mode. In this mode you can paint over all the uv-borders without any problems. The mode will calculate where to paint on the texture and everything will work out.

3d Painter 6

Image: Projektion Mode


3d Painter 7

Bild: Nach 15 Minuten mit 3dPainter


3d Painter is not the solution to all the texturingproblems, but it can help very much in some complex areas of texturing.

It is not possible with A:M to insert new polygones / patches, so micromodelling is not possible, but the displacementmaps and color-map-options are astonishing well.

For less than 100 dollars you get a tool that does exactly what it promises, even so it doesnt offer all the possibilities like for example ZBrush.



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