PizzaMaker - The UWP app that makes you a pizza baker in the Windows Store

Have you ever wanted to be the fastest pizza baker in the world?
Hurry up, don't make any mistakes and give everything to make Luigi proud of you!

The game is a simple fun for big and small pizza bakers and focuses on fast reflexes.
Win first place in the highscore and become the fastest pizza baker in the world!

Download from Microsoft Store


- Is the game endless?
No. Once you've delivered 20 pizzas, you can enter your highscore and the game ends, but you can play it almost as often as you want, and if you make a mistake, a delivered pizza will be deducted from your score, making pizzas is a tough business that depends on perfection.

- What's the point of the game?
The point is to click/tap on the random appearing buttons as fast as possible and not to click/tap next to them, the faster and more error-free you can do this, the better and the more points you get in the end.


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Additional information can be found here: Why you should not use Google products if you can avoid it.

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