Filmdatabase – The UWP app to manage your movie collection now available in Windows Store

If you have a lot of Blu-Rays, DVDs and other media with movies you may have lost track of what you really have got from time to time. With this app you can create your own data base of movies.  

It works like this:
1.) Register an account, confirm it and login. Depending on the way you want to use it (for instance share it with your family) you may create one in that way.
2.) The system will use the bar code on the case of the Blu-Ray, DVD, etc. of the movie. The bardcode can be read out by the barcode scanner in the app. That will work on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer with a webcam.
3.) The system will search for information like name, description, age rating, categories, rating, etc. and will insert those information again.  
4.) If you save the entry, it will receive an unique number (for your account). We suggest that you use a label printer or stickers and put this number on the corresponding case and sort the cases in your cupboard accordingly.

If you are searching for a movie now, you can use the app to filter with different possibilities. Using the unique number (ID) you can easily acces the right movie in your library now and start watching the right movie at the right time.

Since the app will run on you smartphone too, you even can check for instance in a electronic store while buying a new Blu-Ray, if you or someone from you family already bought that movie before. Just open the app, use the bar code scanner to search for the movie in your database. Buying movies twice in the family will be a thing of the past.

Download from Microsoft Store

What the app can do for you in short:

  • Get suggestions for moview with or without setting up a filter.
  • Check if you already own a movie.
  • Search for movies using different filters.
  • Combine the app with a sorting system in your cupboard and have fast and easy access on your movies.

Frequently asked questions:

Will my film database be available offline?
No. The data is saved on a German server and will only be accessable using a internet connection. (otherwise it is not possible to be sure about the current state of the database and if a movie is aleady bought.)

Can I upload my movies to the database and play them from there?
No. The database will only help you to keep track of the movies you own but won’t save them.

I do not receive my registration mail. What can I do?
It is very likely, that you did not receive it, because it was specified as spam by your spam filter. Please check your junk/spam folder first to see if it is in there. If it isn’t, please use the contact form to write us and make sure you are using the same e-mail address you used to register.

Can I use the app with another operation system?
At the moment the app is only availabl on windows systems. Support for additional operation systems is planned.
Till that is happening, you can use the website too.

The only functional difference is, that you can not use a barcode scanner without the app:

Can I search for a movie by its number or the exact name?
You can search for the number by typing "#100", for example. The prefix of the hash is necessary, because otherwise the name or description text (etc.) will be searched for "100", but not the no. itself. To search explicitly for a name/phrase enter `"The morning never dies"` including the quotation marks. Otherwise the search is for the single words.

I have a question about the app. Where can I find more information about it?
First I would recommend to go to this episode of my YouTube channel, where I am presenting the app:

And if it does not answer you question already, please do not hesitate to ask my directly using the contact form.


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