This entry has been submitted to the highly anticipated contest for the mascot 2013 for Animation:master. It did not win anything, but I still think it is a great image. It has been created A:M and 3dCoat which worked perfectly together to create the displacementmaps, the color maps, an SubSurfaceScattering-Effect.

A:M Mascot-Contest 2013 (v18) Wireframe View
A:M Mascot-Contest 2013 (v18) Bones View
A:M Mascot-Contest 2013 (v18) Shaded View
A:M Mascot-Contest 2013 (v18) 3d Coat
A:M Mascot-Contest 2013 (v18) Chor View
Hash Animation:Master Contest-Beitrag Chamäleon

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