3We InPro

The practical part of my diploma thesis as a interactive 3d application.Everything has been created from ground up (including graphics, 3d-works, music and environment-sounds has been created by myself, using different 3d- and programming-techniques.

It shows off the projects of the 3We GmbH in a quite creative kind of way in a interactive environment including a talking guide-character, freely moveable camera-walkthroughs through 5 different worlds and a 3d-navigation-menu, interactable machines, parts and living creatures (like birds, fishes and cleaning-robots). It shows off what could be done in the area of 3d applications. Thank you very much again to 3We and my professor at the UAS for making it possible to do this as my diploma-thesis.

Used programms have been (at least the most important once):

Diplomarbeit 11 (big)
Diplomarbeit 10 (big)
Diplomarbeit 9 (big)
Diplomarbeit 8 (big)
Diplomarbeit 7 (big)
Diplomarbeit 6 (big)
Diplomarbeit 5 (big)
Diplomarbeit 4 (big)
Diplomarbeit 3 (big)
Diplomarbeit 2 (big)
Diplomarbeit 1 (big)

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