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Last edit: 19. Mar. 2022, 20:17h

3d printing: stove button replacement

We have an older stove that unfortunately has a somewhat fragile design with its knobs. At some point, a small part broke off, which unfortunately causes the whole knob to spin, leaving you with no way to properly control the heat. So I built a replacement design and printed it on my FDM to replace the broken off knob. It works great by the way :).
Last edit: 12. Feb. 2022, 18:13h

The small award

Since our apprentice graduated last year and now leaves for further tasks in the world, I have a small award in 3d printed by FDM process and assembled from two parts and given away as a farewell gift. You can see the result here (or a version. The final version also had the holes already integrated, because it was easier than drilling the holes afterwards): All the best and I hope you have a lot of fun and interesting challenges ahead ...
Last edit: 01. Jan. 2022, 16:15h

Happy New Year 2022

I of course wish every reader a happy and prosperous 2022 :). This small print along with a small second 3d print of a pants clip for a phone ushers in this year 3d print wise for me :). Hope you also find a good start and have fun in the new year 2022. Here’s to a wonderful 2022
Last edit: 23. Dec. 2021, 21:43h

Merry Christmas 2021

Christmas is just around the corner and as always I would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas. This year there was a 3d-printed goat greeting for friends, family and colleagues and so I do not want to withhold the goat here neighter. :) Have a great Christmas, have fun and recover well in this hard time - hopefully the last time christmas will be with such contact restrictions. And now: Merry Christmas!
Last edit: 27. Nov. 2021, 00:04h

X or Y offset when printing with the Replicator 2

Every now and then there is a little problem with the Makerbot Replicator 2. Every now and then means: After 6 years I have a little problem with the printer again, because it slips a little bit during printing and thus suddenly continues the print at a wrong place. There are a few different possibilities why this happens and here are 2 links or videos what you can do about it: Problem 1: Loose belts / retensioning the motors. At some point ...
Last edit: 19. Nov. 2021, 22:42h

WebCam shutter by 3d printer

Older webcams deserve a shutter too, so someone isn’t watching when they shouldn’t ;). My attempts to build an exactly round, perfectly fitting lid were unfortunately not immediately successful (FDM printers rarely manage to deliver exactly round results. Most of the time they become slightly oval or at least not completely round when there are thin edges. Thus, I then decided to take a different approach and built a push-on design from ...

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