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Replicator 2 and Replicator 2x

It has always bothered me, that I can not print with support structures without having to heavily polish the object afterwards and even that it was not always what I expected. To get rid of that problem, I participated in an auction on ebay a few days before and got myself a Replicator 2x. The device arrived yesterday and it is in a very good condistion.

Additional to that I ordered some PVA and I am now printing with ABS and PVA. PVA (Polyvinylalcohol) is a water dissolvable plastic which can be used by 3d printers with 2 (or more) Extruders, which to print support material without arrears.

The two 3d printer by Makerbot: Replicator 2x and Replicator 2
My two printers: Makerbot Replicator 2x (on the left) and Makerbot Replicator 2 (on the right)

I have configurated my Replicator 2x to print with ABS on the right extruder and with PVA on the left and like that I can tell it to print the support material with PVA and the real object with ABS. After the print you just have to remove it from the buildplate and put it into water for something between a couple of minutes and hours, depending on the size of the PVA part. PVA will desintegrate in the water and the ABS will stay as it is.

The first print with PVA and ABS on my new Replicator 2x by Makerbot
My first print with PVA and ABS using my new Replicator 2x

A indepth description and a comparision of the two printers will follow soon.


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