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Last edit: 17. Sep. 2021, 14:05h

Sailfish OS (Verla): Now available for all

. Starting today, the first update from 4.1 to 4.2 is available for all Sailfish OS users. Especially interesting for me is the predictive word preview, which is now also available for the Xperia 10 II besides many changes to the browser, bugfixes, etc. (previously due word preview was only available on older smartphone models with Sailfish OS or via community-developed keyboard models, don’t ask me why ;)). Interesting for me was how well ...
Last edit: 31. Aug. 2021, 23:56h

Sailfish OS 4.2 (Verla): New update available in "Early Access" channel

Just recently SailfishOS 4.2 has been made available in the "Early Access" channel and brings a whole bunch of different bug fixes, new features and security fixes. The "Early Access" channel is intended for slightly braver Sailfish OS users who want to try out the update about 1-2 weeks before it is issued to all other users. The full list of features, bug fixes and security improvements can be found here: Release notes Currently, ...
Last edit: 31. Aug. 2021, 23:05h

CovPass now also available without Google services for e.g. Sailfish OS with AD

One of the currently most important apps was unfortunately not yet readily available for Sailfish’s Android support, because it uses Google services. We are talking about CovPass. This has changed today because from today on CovPass is available without using Google services (which was unnecessary from the beginning it looks like) thanks to some open source developers also for smartphones without Google services. (besides SailfishOS based ...
Last edit: 08. Aug. 2021, 22:33h

Sailfish OS: Major apps, services and new section at PW3d

My new daily driver, the Sony Xperia 10 II with Sailfish OS got a nice cover and little by little I find more and more interesting and important apps for Sailfish OS (often called SFOS). Since the system doesn’t contain any bloatware and leaves practically all decisions to the user, you naturally have to take care of the corresponding software installations yourself in order to be able to activate one or the other feature. To keep this as ...
Last edit: 30. Jun. 2021, 19:15h

Sailfish OS: The European smartphone OS

Lately, I have been looking around more and more for a replacement for my Microsoft Lumia 950XL, which I still love, but unfortunately no longer has sufficient app support. Since Mr. Nadela from Microsoft, in his infinite wisdom, has unfortunately discontinued Windows 10 (mobile), I can no longer buy a successor with Windows 10 (mobile). A few months ago, WhatsApp unfortunately left the platform and again a few months later Threema. For a long ...
Last edit: 11. May. 2021, 21:41h

A:M Rendering Benchmark with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Today I’ve got my new Ryzen 9 5900x CPU along with a new motherboard (Asus Prime B550-Plus) and a BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 and replaced the corresponding components in my previous build. (previous components: Asus Prime B350-Plus, Dark Rock 3, AMD Ryzen 7 1700) Rendering speed went up about 1.7 times in single-core rendering. For now, I can’t conclusively answer multi-core (about 1.5x, but that should increase significantly when A:M Netrender ...

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