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Sailfish OS: Zimpedia

Sometimes you get into situations where the internet just doesn’t work as well as you would like it to. The connection can be poor when you’re out for a walk in the woods, or even in the city there can be dropouts in buildings and so on.

If you still need access to wikis, for example, you may have a problem. That’s where Zimpedia comes in.
The app can read and search so-called ZIM files. These are practically zipped versions of the website that can then be used offline.

Important information

To activate the external services, you have to click on the button. Please be aware, that after you clicked, data will be sent to the given, external website (here YouTube).

Further information on data processing can be found in our privacy policy under "YouTube".

Please click to active... Open externally

The app manages these, gives you nice overview pages of various wikis that you have in ZIM format and even tells you where you can get them.
One of the sites is, which provides you with a nice selection of free downloadable ZIM files.

You can find Zimpedia both in the official Jolla store and on OpenRepos:

Have fun with the app!


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