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Last edit: 30. Jun. 2021, 19:15h

Sailfish OS: The European smartphone OS

Lately, I have been looking around more and more for a replacement for my Microsoft Lumia 950XL, which I still love, but unfortunately no longer has sufficient app support. Since Mr. Nadela from Microsoft, in his infinite wisdom, has unfortunately discontinued Windows 10 (mobile), I can no longer buy a successor with Windows 10 (mobile). A few months ago, WhatsApp unfortunately left the platform and again a few months later Threema. For a long ...
Last edit: 11. May. 2021, 21:41h

A:M Rendering Benchmark with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Today I’ve got my new Ryzen 9 5900x CPU along with a new motherboard (Asus Prime B550-Plus) and a BeQuiet! Dark Rock 4 and replaced the corresponding components in my previous build. (previous components: Asus Prime B350-Plus, Dark Rock 3, AMD Ryzen 7 1700) Rendering speed went up about 1.7 times in single-core rendering. For now, I can’t conclusively answer multi-core (about 1.5x, but that should increase significantly when A:M Netrender ...
Last edit: 09. May. 2021, 12:18h

A new CPU: My new Ryzen 9 5900x

Man was that a struggle. For a few months now since the new AMD Ryzen 5xxx series processors came out, the prices for these processors have been just ridiculously high. The 5900x, for example, came out in November 2020 and was supposed to cost $549 (MSRP) according to AMD. You can usually convert that roughly 1-to-1 into Euros to estimate the price in Germany. That sounds bad, but it is usually not as bad as you think at first, because these ...
Last edit: 11. Apr. 2021, 16:53h

Keyboard stands like to break...

The day before yesterday, my 1.5 liter water bottle fell on my upturned keyboard. It was locked, but the force of the impact alone caused the little stand for raising the keyboard to break, and so the usual keyboard wobble started. Normally this would be the moment you buy a new keyboard because a 2.5cm by 1.5cm by 2mm thick piece of plastic with no moving parts broke. I found that somehow... wasteful of resources. So I fired up my 3d printer ...
Last edit: 05. Apr. 2021, 23:28h

You just have to know how to help yourself...

A mishap and "too" floating parquet are a certain problem in times of Corona. I had to take care of the baseboard in a makeshift way, but I was able to do something about the gap caused by the floating parquet: 3d printing makes that possible, too: Both are just makeshift repairs, but for now, it works fine and the tongue and groove system was great to recreate. :)
Last edit: 01. Apr. 2021, 01:01h

3d print: happy easter egg

Today I just printed out a bunch of Easter eggs that I hope will be a nice surprise for colleagues (when you’re back in the office sometime). Until then, I’d like to show some, I think quite interesting and successful pictures of the eggs, showing how the layer structures are built up, how something looks like at 300 micrometer layer height in FDM and that, depending on heat and material, sometimes threads form in cavities, which can be ...

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