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Finally arrived: My new desk

At the beginning of December, I chose a Christmas present for myself: a LeetDesk Dark Pro gaming desk. My old computer desk was getting on a bit and simply had to be replaced after many years of loyal service. So I started looking for a replacement and figured that if this desk was going to last as long as my old one (which was over 22 years old), it might as well cost a little more.

That’s why I ordered an electrically height-adjustable computer desk with monitor holder, cable management, PC holder and a few more gimmicks:

The LeetDesk Dark Pro:
PatchWork3d: My new desk is a LeetDesk Dark Pro 2024

It now fits very well in my room, but it took quite a marathon to get it to look the way it does here.

Let’s start at the beginning:

It took a long time for it to arrive. I ordered the table at the beginning of January in the hope of being able to assemble it during my winter vacation (from Christmas up to and including the first week of January).

However, you can see the date of this blog post:
This was pure wishful thinking, because apparently, without any communication from LeetDesk, the production department was only active again in the new year and there was no mention of this in my emails with the support staff, who were quite quick to respond. So I first approached the “average“ delivery time and was sad to see that the “minimum“ was being exceeded more and more, only to reach the “longest possible“.

The table arrived pretty much at the exact moment I received it and was already thinking about canceling the order. Of course, I didn’t have time to assemble it and the parcels ended up in the corner. But this weekend, thanks to the help of a good friend, I found the time to put it together and here you can see it now.
But it took more or less the whole day to get rid of the old table, put together the new one and tidy up.

Anyway: It is a really nice, stable table with good features, to which my PC can be attached easily, the monitors could be mounted on the arms thanks to the VESA standard and so a really clean, nice setup came out when I then added my (unfortunately a little too large) mouse pad and my new mouse.

Would I however purchase another table over the internet like this? Very likely no. If you go to your local reseller, you can get a table in a lot less time. It might not be exactly this one then, but if you do not know this one, you would very likely not miss anything and it might be less pricy than this one too. (it costs about 1k Euros in this configuration)

And yes, as you can see here, it’s a custom mousepad with the PW3d logo on it that I created at Nyfter.
In the future, this will be replaced by a slightly less high version (instead of the 90 x 50 cm seen here, the “new“ version will be 90 x 40 cm)

Now I finally have it and I’m happy with the setup, but I recommend it to everyone:
Expect about 1-1.5 months delivery time if you order from LeetDesk. It will most likely not be 12 days!


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