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Last edit: 04. Feb. 2024, 22:59h

LeetDesk Dark Pro Upgrade to “Aurora Light“

There is one thing I still don’t understand about the pricing of the LeetDesk Aurora. Strictly speaking, it’s a Dark Pro with an LED surround and a diffuser. However, you have to pay almost twice as much (no joke). I didn’t fancy that, so I practically converted a Dark Pro into an “Aurora Lite“. All I needed was a 20 Euro LED strip from the furniture store or DIY store and... Not even much patience. It was quick and looks good. Why ...
Last edit: 04. Feb. 2024, 00:02h

3d printing: Drink holder for the LeetDesk Dark Pro

I’m not sure if I’ll need it, but some gaming tables come with a drink holder. So I thought to myself: You can do that too and built one for the LeetDesk Dark Pro and printed it out on my Bambu Lab P1S. I think it fits perfectly and looks really good. What do you think?
Last edit: 21. Jan. 2024, 13:32h

Finally arrived: My new desk

At the beginning of December, I chose a Christmas present for myself: a LeetDesk Dark Pro gaming desk. My old computer desk was getting on a bit and simply had to be replaced after many years of loyal service. So I started looking for a replacement and figured that if this desk was going to last as long as my old one (which was over 22 years old), it might as well cost a little more. That’s why I ordered an electrically height-adjustable computer ...
Last edit: 14. Aug. 2022, 11:00h

What are SailfishOS community ports and new ones for the Sony Xperia 1 and 5

Community ports are practically the possibility to use SailfishOS on other devices than Jolla itself provides. And a new and interesting port has now been released, supporting Sony’s flagship and semi-flagship class. You can learn more about it in the following video:
Last edit: 18. Jul. 2022, 23:53h

Sailfish OS: Sony Xperia 10 II & III speed tests

The new video shows what makes the Sony Xperia 10 III stand out and how fast it is. Both come with APK support and this is the start of the mini-series that will compare both smartphones. Enjoy the look!
Last edit: 26. May. 2022, 15:02h

Sailfish OS: Sony Xperia 10 III

At the moment, you are just too spoiled when it comes to smartphone hardware for open operating systems, because now the Sony Xperia 10 III is also available with official SailfishOS support. Official support means that you now also get the one-time paid variant with Alien Dalvik support (which means running Android/APK apps) as well as predictive text and Microsoft Exchange support from Jolla in addition to the free variant. Here, SFOS seems ...

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