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Last edit: 21. Jan. 2024, 13:32h

Finally arrived: My new desk

At the beginning of December, I chose a Christmas present for myself: a LeetDesk Dark Pro gaming desk. My old computer desk was getting on a bit and simply had to be replaced after many years of loyal service. So I started looking for a replacement and figured that if this desk was going to last as long as my old one (which was over 22 years old), it might as well cost a little more. That’s why I ordered an electrically height-adjustable computer ...
Last edit: 31. Dec. 2023, 14:41h

Happy New Year 2024

“It is the End of the year as we know it“ und so bleibt mir nicht zu sagen als: Have fun at the end of the year and celebrate into the new year. I wish you all the best for the new year, a good start and every success for 2024! Viel Spaß, happy new year und bis bald. :) PS: The little rocket in the picture is of course 3d printed and comes in many different versions. :)
Last edit: 24. Dec. 2023, 14:46h

Merry Christmas 2023

It’s the day of Christmas Eve and today, as always, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, reflective and wonderful holiday season. Have fun, good food and hopefully great presents. :) And of course A:M had a hand in this picture again ;). And for those who are a little bored before the Christmas party: Advent calendar 2023 All the best and see you soon :).
Last edit: 02. Apr. 2023, 17:46h

The future of gastronomy?

Have you been to McDonalds lately? I haven’t been there in a long time and now I’ve been there again and the short answer is: If you have not been there for a long time, I understand very well. How do I suddenly get the idea to report about it here? Isn’t it mostly about 3d printing, SailfishOS and the like? Yes, and every now and then it’s also about why I use Sailfish OS, for example, and don’t willy-nilly go to a local electronics ...
Last edit: 14. Mar. 2023, 00:52h

Sailfish OS: What is MicroG?

In some cases, Sailfish OS requires the ability to use Android apps. Most of them can be run relatively easily with Alien Dalvic, and they work just fine. However, some check very carefully that Google’s Play Services are installed on the device, and you usually don’t want that as a normal user of SFOS for privacy reasons. MicroG offers a free and independent alternative to the closed and proprietary solutions of Google Services. It is ...
Last edit: 16. Feb. 2023, 22:49h

Valentine’s Day: A heart for 3d printing

As a small gift for Valentine’s Day 2023 I printed this pendant and gave it away to colleagues. A small gift from the 3D printer, which I had to first provide with new spare parts, because when printing he just wanted to print only half and then pulled the filament no longer clean. This can happen if the attachment on the extended, adjustable feeder is broken or too much abrasion occurs. Therefore: If it should not work again with the ...

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