Last edit: 05. Nov. 2023, 14:36h

3d print: Globe holder

A colleague of mine asked me to build and print a replacement part for his globe.
Unfortunately, this thing is right on the edge of what is still printable and generally not an easy undertaking, but here is the timelapse of my attempt, which I unfortunately had to make a little smaller than the original (about 96%), because otherwise it simply wouldn’t have fit on the printing plate.

I hope it still just about fits. Since I can’t see the result (yet), I simply put my 3d model that I created in Hash Animation:Master v19.5 into a small rendering. (see right)

PatchWork3d: Hash Animation:Master Render of Globus-Holder

There’s also the time-lapse of the print, where there were a lot of overhangs and support structures and, as I said, I had to make a few compromises, but on the whole it still turned out quite well.

Let’s see if it can also be used.


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