Last edit: 10. Sep. 2023, 17:01h

3d Pressure from keyboard supports: The one that keeps breaking or getting lost...

PatchWork3d: 3d Print Keyboard Clip 01
PatchWork3d: 3d Print Keyboard Clip 02

Who doesn’t know them: Those little supports on keyboards that make the keyboard stand up and thus improve the typing feel. A tiny part of half a cent, which destroys the whole feeling as soon as it breaks, but of course only accounts for a fraction of the actual device.

And, of course, the gizmos have to be slightly different for virtually all keyboards.
But this is where a 3d printer helps tremendously: I’ve now printed several different designs and sizes for keyboards, and it’s hard to imagine a simpler component.

Result: Various keyboards intact again, feeling back without having to buy a whole new keyboard.


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