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3d printed head phone holder for table plate

I had a problem at my work desk: Where to put the head phones? I've put them on the pc case where they may have covered a small portion of the air flow from the case. It isn't bad, but it is not ideal neighter. And of course it was troublesome to put the cables of the head phones in a suitable position.

To solve that problem I have created a design for a head phone holder for the table plate. He can be put on the table plat as seen in the first image and is especially designed to be suitable for the table plates in the office I am working at. There are for instance 2 different sizes of table plates: The once from the electrical height-setable tables and the once from the conconventional once.

This is how it can be mounted:
3d-printed headphones holder 04

This is the final product from the side view:
3d-printed headphones holder 03

And these are images of the production:
3d-printed headphones holder 02

3d-printed headphones holder 01

An interesting side node:
I had a problem with the 3d printer. He told me, that he was losing heat while printing and cancled the print then...
To get rid of the problem I used capton tape and put it around the whole extruder (as you can see on the production images) to fix the insulating material again, which seemed to be loose. After that it worked very well again. It seems, that the capton tape will lose it gluing effect after a few years. Nothing too bad or special, but good to know anyway.


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