Last edit: 20. Sep. 2022, 17:32h

3D Printing: Clothing rod holder

3d print: Cloth holder 05
3d print: Cloth holder 04
3d print: Cloth holder 03
3d print: Cloth holder 02
3d print: Cloth holder 00

My closet grew under far too many T-shirts from years of keeping and so at some point need the plastic piece that should hold the clothes rail. Since of course first, at least until a new closet can be purchased a replacement part to fix the problem at least temporarily.

This worked so well that I’m almost tempted to keep the wardrobe, but since there are other construction sites on the wardrobe and it really is already 20 years old, it will probably be a new one soon.

But now it finally goes on to the end without problems :).


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