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A new CPU: My new Ryzen 9 5900x

Patchwork3d: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Man was that a struggle. For a few months now since the new AMD Ryzen 5xxx series processors came out, the prices for these processors have been just ridiculously high. The 5900x, for example, came out in November 2020 and was supposed to cost $549 (MSRP) according to AMD. You can usually convert that roughly 1-to-1 into Euros to estimate the price in Germany.

That sounds bad, but it is usually not as bad as you think at first, because these prices are stated without taxes in the US. In Germany, all prices are basically given with 19% VAT for end consumers and then that is actually quite ok.

But it turned out differently... due to Corona, corresponding production bottlenecks among other things because simply more hardware was bought (home office sends its regards), several big product releases by Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Apple were pending and of course the strong breakdown of the industry for at least a few months the manufacturers of semiconductors were all practically completely overloaded and it came not only in the entertainment industry but e.g. also in the car industry to considerable bottlenecks.

And already we had prices that were not at 549 Euros but sometimes even at 900 Euros and even more for the same product, which was practically constantly sold out and/or offered by scalpers (i.e. people who buy the product in mass to resell it profitably without adding any form of added value > in my opinion these are practically parasites and beneficiaries of the misery of others) completely overpriced. Until yesterday I was able to get my processor update (I still have a Ryzen 1700 running, which depending on the application offers about half the performance as a comparable 5xxx series processor).

But after a long wait, I finally found what I was looking for yesterday at the MSRP price and will then upgrade my PC starting next week. For this I will exchange motherboard, CPU and cooler.

Since something similar is happening with other parts of the PC (e.g. especially bad with graphics cards) it will stay that way for now, also because the other components have either already been updated or are still very good.

I’ll report about my new benchmark results etc. here soon. :).


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