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Annoying advertisements...

I am working in an advertising agency which may stand in conflict to some readers with this post but for me advertising should have a benefit for the customer and the company which is offering something... but what I sometimes see out there is really not in anyway fitting into that categories.... there are limits...

Why do I talk about that? In Germany there is a new cookie in the advertisings... I got it from a co-worker and it did indeed taste quite well, but afterwards I did see the advertising for it and now I will not buy that one as a matter of principles.

"The breakfast cookie - for the breakfast at work"... what should I say about that?

1.) There is no cookie, no matter how many fibers you will but in it will replace a good breakfast. That is not really a problem for many (as myself) who are only eating in the morning on weekends but why should you use that as the main advertising claim?

2.) Is it really necessary to make an advertising wishful-target group oriented? Why is it not enough to say: It is a very tasty cookie? That would be a honest and reasonable advertising. But what is the actual meaning of "breakfast cookie"? We did not know what to say, so we just are trying to sell it to a target group with money, no matter if they need it or not.

Actually I am astonished that they are not saying, it would be good against strokes, does make you more attractive and will make you successful in your job...". It is a cookie! Just a cookie! A cookie is there to be tasty. That's it!

But no... Breakfast cookies are needed! They are healthy (of course!), nutrient, make you stronger, replace a full breakfast and will help with your job.
And after that: "The AXE-Cookie, freshly harvested from your arm pit".

Advertising should help to make a benefit more obvisious to the people who need that.
Something which the buyers and the producers will benefit from. I'd pay twice if I could get a product, which really helps me instead of some crappy thing which I just buy because advertising has manipulated me to get it. Most B2B-products are sold this way... why can it not be like that with B2C-products? Why do they have to play the customers there?

Breaksfast cookies... tomorrow we can get the lunch bar and a dinner infusion "do it yourself"... that is just so much more effective...

I can only tell everybody who needs a breakfast: Go to a bakery and buy a nice butter brezel or a sandwich or maybe cereals (I am talking about cereals, not sugar with a little corn on the side...) and take your 10 minutes to eat...

That is well invested time which should be possible.

...and it really is for everybody...


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