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Attention Please - New UWP App in the Microsoft Store

A colleague recently asked me about a "gong" app in the Microsoft Store and after some searching I came to the conclusion that there is indeed none in the store dedicated to exactly this one thing: simply and quickly play a sound that can also be used in an honest and serious environment to gain attention.

Don’t get me wrong, some soundboards are available, but really an app that makes it easy, doesn’t display 500 sounds on 50 scroll pages, annoys you all the time with advertising and then displays the gong sound between the goofy laughing and the farting sound, so that you also may press the wrong button, which can happen at a business meeting when you want to call people back from the break, for example isn’t.

In this regard the available apps in the store where very limited, but this is now changing with the new "AttentionPlease" app, which is now available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 (mobile) in the store:

Attention Please App bei PatchWork3d für den Microsoft Store


Download from Microsoft Store

The app is very simple: Swip to switch the sound between the currently available 3 and press on the gong or the bell and the sound will be played.

Have fun with the new app :).


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