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Breathing mask from the 3d printer

A company from Baden-Württemberg called "Cast Solut" has developed a respirator that can be produced by injection moulding and that reduces the use of filter material to about 1/5 of a normal respirator. Well done one can only say.

Of course things get even better if you can download the 3d data for it and print it out on your home FDM printer.
The 3d model is available on the website - thanks for that :).

But when I downloaded it, I noticed that there were a lot of 90° overhangs in the design, which is no problem with injection moulding, but it is a problem with FDM.
So I took the liberty to create a compatible design using Hash Animation:Master and provide it to the company as well :).

And now you can also download the revised design for FDM home printers :):


The design that is more compatible with home FDM is called "3D-Data_Mask top-up-rebuild".

So if you like to download this mask and print it yourself: go ahead!
Have a look at the pictures to understand what you will need in addition to the mask shell:


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