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Complex  3d print: Door traffic light

Patwork3d: Door traffic light on door, state green 3d print with Makerbot Repliactor 2

Patwork3d: Door traffic light on door, state yellow 3d print with Makerbot Repliactor 2

Patwork3d: Door traffic light on door, state red 3d print with Makerbot Repliactor 2


Today a new 3d printed piece has been produced in my small home factory. A relativly complex traffic light for doors to bee assembled. What is a door traffic light? With this you can define, whether a visitor is welcome, you are busy but if it is important the visitor can come in or if there is too much to do right now to have a visitor.

This can be used for converence rooms to tell people outside if this is a very important customer meeting or for instance just an internal meeting where it is possible to go in if something is very important. The door traffice light can be put on the door handle (quite like everybody knows from hotel rooms as an info for the cleaning people or from student life with socks over door handles ;)).

Using a spin-knob you can switch the state of the door traffic light from green (come in), yellow (come in if it is important) or red (sorry, do not have time right now).

The traffic light containts of 3 bigger and 2 smaller pieces (everything is 3d printed in one go):

  • a case and holder for the spinning disc
  • spinning disc
  • cover
  • Spin knob to be put on or glued to the disc
  • A bearing nipple to be put in from the back of the traffic light

Additional to that you will have to print (2d this time ;)) a piece of paper with the states on it (120° for each state) and cut that one out to be put or glued to the spinning disc.

The spin knob can be put or glued after the assembling of the other parts with superglue.

You can use gummy sealing rings (2x) to keep the traffic light on the door handle. (25mm with 1.8mm thickness should do) These will be put or glued in the rills which can be seen on image 5 below.

The door traffic light can be used with or without glue, but glue will give it more steadiness.

Here you can see a few other picture from the production:

PatchWork3d: Door traffic light assembled. Printed with Makerbot Replicator 2
Door traffic light assembled back, printed with Makerbot Replicator 2
Patchwork3d: Door traffice light ready to be assembled 3d print with Makerbot Replicator 2
PatchWork3d: Door traffice light while 3d printed with Cat-Infill
PatchWork3d: Door traffic light while 3d printed
PatchWork3d: Door traffic light while 3d printed, first layers
Screenshot MakerBot Door traffic light
Screenshot Animation:Master Door traffic light

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