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Continuum Gaming: Special Episode 210

At the moment it is a bit difficult to print with my new resin based 3d printer, because printing unfortunately consumes a lot of isopropanol. Why is this a problem?
Isopropanol is one of the best disinfectants and is used in practically every surface disinfectant and also in many hand disinfectants.

Unfortunately, my supply of it is running low (I was very lucky to have a large amount of it at home due to the 3d printing... this makes it much easier to be on the road in the pandemic. I could buy new isopropanol now, but it is 10-15 times more expensive than before the pandemic and while I could afford it, I don’t want to reduce the supply for others who need it for something more essential than little plastic helpers and fun.
I know my renunciation won’t bring isopropanol to anyone in Africa, but it just feels wrong and maybe at least here in Germany a hospital can buy one or two bottles more disinfectant.

This is exactly what the latest special episode of Continuum Gaming, my YouTube channel, has caught up with. Actually this time I wanted to show a new part of the 3d print of a smartphone cover, but so I had to find another theme and so this time it became an interesting shader for MineCraft Pocket Edition.

If you want to know more about it, here is the episode where I present this Pocket Edition compatible shader (ESB2G shader):

Continuum Gaming e210 special: MineCraft Pocket Edition Shader ESB2G

Have fun!


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