Last edit: 31. Aug. 2021, 23:05h

CovPass now also available without Google services for e.g. Sailfish OS with AD

One of the currently most important apps was unfortunately not yet readily available for Sailfish’s Android support, because it uses Google services.

We are talking about CovPass. This has changed today because from today on CovPass is available without using Google services (which was unnecessary from the beginning it looks like) thanks to some open source developers also for smartphones without Google services. (besides SailfishOS based smartphones this can also be LineageOS, /e/ based devices and so on).

And of course, any Android user (with or without Google services) can also install the new app version to protect their own data a touch better.

To do so, simply go to the free, open source app store "F-Droid" and download the app either via the F-Droid app or directly as an APK. It is fully functional, but does without Google APIs, because this is not necessary at all, especially for this app.

F-Droid + CovPass = Love


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