GoPro Fusion 360° shoulder mount

My 360° camera (a GoPro Fusion) can take very interesting pictures, but it has one problem: Due to its size, it can’t be easily attached with a normal action cam stand (I also ride e.g. inline skates without a helmet).

So what to do? I have started my Hash Animation:Master and my 3d printer and some test prints and various attempts later, I have created a first, working shoulder mount for my VR cam recordings. I’m not completely satisfied yet, because it still slides too easily sideways from my shoulder, but the beginning has been made.

3d Printed Camera Stand at Patchwork3d
GoPro Fusion 3d-Print Mounted 2
GoPro Fusion 3d-Print Printing at PatchWork3d
GoPro Fusion 3d-Print Mounted 1

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