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Hash Animation:Master v18

The newest version of A:M is now available.
Many small improvements and especially the new OpenGL 3 support and the high resolution STL export for 3d printing (up to 4096 subdivisions per patch) as well as many more export improvements make this update obligatory many A:M users.

The complete list of changes and improvements can be found here:
Improvements and changes in Hash Animation:Master v18

All users with a active subscription can already use it. Just install v18 (in a new folder) and copy the file "master0.lic" from the v17 folder into the new v18 folder.

The version is available for download here:

For all without an active subscription A:M v18 can be found in the Hash store:
Hash Store

And now: Happy Splinning!

A:M Mascot v18.0


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