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Jolla Love Day 2: SFOS Abo Modell

Sailfish OS: Subscription / Abo modell

At the Jolla Love Day 2 there was an announcement regarding a new subscription model for Sailfish OS. There should be a 5 Euro / month subscription fee for certain paid features of the OS (mainly App Support for APKs, Microsoft Exchang Support and Textprediction). So far, these are available for a one-off payment of 29-49 euros. (depending on whether it is an upgrade to a new phone or a new purchase)

However, this announcement was received ambivalently by the community and discussed further at Love Day 2. Jolla has therefore now announced that the subscription model will be an option for paying and supporting development, but that one-off payments will remain available as an alternative.

So if you don’t want to support Jolla annually or monthly with 5 euros, you can continue to purchase a non-expiring version of the license for the paid version of SFOS. In addition, the functionality of the smartphone will of course remain fully intact with the subscription version, even if the subscription is canceled.
In this case, there are only no more updates for these paid features.

And of course the free version of SFOS remains unaffected by either of these anyway.

Of course, you can also buy a permanent version of the license and a subscription version until you no longer want to pay for it and then cancel it.
This would then simply support Jolla on a monthly basis, or annually if paid annually.


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