Last edit: 11. Apr. 2021, 16:53h

Keyboard stands like to break...

The day before yesterday, my 1.5 liter water bottle fell on my upturned keyboard. It was locked, but the force of the impact alone caused the little stand for raising the keyboard to break, and so the usual keyboard wobble started. Normally this would be the moment you buy a new keyboard because a 2.5cm by 1.5cm by 2mm thick piece of plastic with no moving parts broke.

I found that somehow... wasteful of resources. So I fired up my 3d printer and reprinted the little stand, which was really no big deal, but should have avoided some plastic waste.... here you can see how the process looked like:

keyboard stand: The original and the 3d printed result
Keyboard Stand 04 3d printed
Keyboard Stand 01 makerware
Keyboard Stand 02 A:M
Keyboard Stand 01 3d printed

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