Last edit: 25. Jun. 2013, 23:19h

Makerbot and StataSys

A few days ago there was an entry in the blog of Makerbot which proved the rumors: Makerbot is now a part of StataSys.

Makerbot will continue to work as a separat unit and still focus on the consumer market.



I  see it with mixed feelings: On one hand it is a big chance: Now Makerbot can use patents of StrataSys one of the biggest 3d printer companies and that could be a big benefit especially since the technology can be transfered and some of the experience could go to Makerbot.

On the other hand it always feel a little like a big player will get rid of a competer before he gets big enough to take a serious market share. Possible bad things that could happen: Price rises, redundancies and split. But the good once are very interesting: More solid base, knowledge- and patent transfers can help very much.

Time will show what will happen. I think it could be a big success if it will happen as it was intended. :)


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