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Makerbot Replicator 2: Adjustable Extruder

My new Adjustable Extruder is the new extruder update I am working with since 1 week now and I have to say, that it is the best I had till now. It replaces my spring driven extruder which did do a decent job too till I tried to print with Soft-PLA with it since the spring based extruder always used the same pressur for feeding the filament to the extruder itelf and that did not work out for SoftPLA.

The ajustable extruder for the Makerbot Replicator 2 (pressure adjustable by jog switch)
My new extruder printing with SoftPLA, the small image is from Extruder-Update at Thingiverse.

Now I am able to easily print with PLA and SoftPLA. :)

Because SoftPLA is just more flexible and soft than normal PLA you need to adjust the pressure to feed the filament to the extruder, otherwise it would get stuck.

But with the new hand wheel I can adjust the pressure on the filament very easily for different materials when pushing it in and that makes it much easier to print with different materials. And additional to that: The pressure will not decrease with time that much anymore since there is no spring which can age but a screw which will hold the pressure longer or can easily even while printing be adjusted.

If you are having trouble feeding the filament in or you can not print constantly with our printer because it gets interrupted you should have a look at this new update. It may solve all your problems:
Adjustable Extruder-Update

And if you are the owner of the Makerbot Replicator 2x you can use this one:
Adjustable Extruder-Update for Replicator 2x


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