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MassEffect 1-3: One of the best games of all times

In general I am not going to show you games here, but this one really stands out...
The triology of  Mass Effect is really a great one and you shoudl really start at the beginning!

The storyline is very deep and strong, that strong and deep that I have to say it is the best I have ever seen in a game. It has it all: Anger, love, friendship, betrays, desperation, hope, fun and a real deep and great way to tell the storry. I have never seen something like that combined with a quite nice gameplay in a game.

Mass Effect 1-3 small

If you do not know what to get for christmas or what you should do in the time inbetween christmas and New Years Eve: Mass Effect 1-3 is much better than any movie or series you can buy at the moment and properly it really is one of the best at all.