Microsoft Foldable Tastatur and Bluetooth Maus

Microsoft Foldable Keyboard

For Microsoft Continuum (additional information about that topic later on this blog) I got some accessories. A bluetooth mouse and a keyboard. I am interested in using it on the go or when I am at friends and because of that, I bought a foldable keyboard from Microsoft: Universal Foldable Keyboard

This small but great piece of hardware is a very thin, foldable keyboard, which can be attached to any bluetooth-compatabile device like my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (or Android, iOS or desktop computer supporting this connection type). I am actually writing this blog post on an Ultra-HD-TV which is connected to my smartphone using Microsoft Display Dock with Continuum on this keyboard and with this mouse.

The keyboard is especially interesting for everyone who wants to use a flat, very nicly built keyboard which can be put into close to any bag (yes, hand bags too)

In short: The mobile keyboard has a nice pressure point, an easy installation and a good build quality. It can be used with most devices out there and is quite light-weight. Only the price is a little high, but as it was the only foldable keyboard with full-size keys and small in size in my local electronic store, I had to get it.