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Minion-Mariage... or: What you should put on a cake (Part 2)

Minions characters at the marriage cake at PatchWork3d

Minions characters at the marriage cake at PatchWork3d

After some quite difficult worksteps it really happend: I have printed the Minions fast enough. It really was not easy but it worked out. As you can see on the images I had to glue parts together because just putting it on the build plate and printing it out wasn't possible.

So I had to cut those Minions in parts (oh my God...! ;)) and put them together afterwards.

By the way: If you are searching for a good glue for 3d printed parts, I would recommend hot glue (that is fast, easily to readjust till it has cooled down and quite easily to work with and especially easy to handle with characters) or with 2 components glue like for instance UHU Plus.

Both glues work in different cases:
Hot glue for instance is great if something needs to be easily removeable with a cutter knife or if you need to glue something very fast and quite accurate and it is easily paintable with for instance acryl colors while the glue itself can handle uneven surfaced perfectly. The only disadvantage I can see is, that it can't cope with greater pressures.

If you need something more durable with can just take more pressure, use a 2 components glue. That is something that will make it extremly durable. We are talking about standing on that part with your whole body weight with no problems (if the glued surfaces is right for that of course). The disadvantage: You have to create it from those 2 components by yourself and it will take some time till it is workable. About 90 minutes till it holds a little and about a day till it really is fully functional.

The glue will look and behave quite like honey and is easy to put on and will even tighten pores close. And especially with those layers on a 3d print you really need such a glue.

Some use stuff like power glue (in German "one second glue") but that is really not good with surfaces which are not really smooth. And as I said before: Most 3d prints are not... so this is not working that well if you ask me...

So back to the characters: I painted them as you can see... and even so I am not a very talented painter, I think I did a descend job with the acrylic colors and it worked great.

Minions characters at the marriage cake at PatchWork3d

And here you can see those little guys in full beauty. I hope to get a picture of them on the cake too, but I will have to wait for the happy coupld to come from there honeymoon trip to ask for that ;).


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