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Sailfish OS: Major apps, services and new section at PW3d

My new daily driver, the Sony Xperia 10 II with Sailfish OS got a nice cover and little by little I find more and more interesting and important apps for Sailfish OS (often called SFOS). Since the system doesn’t contain any bloatware and leaves practically all decisions to the user, you naturally have to take care of the corresponding software installations yourself in order to be able to activate one or the other feature.

To keep this as simple and clear as possible for newcomers, I have now opened a new subsection on PW3d, where I show my favorite apps and provide links to patches, apps and services.

You can find the corresponding subpage here:

What is Sailfish OS? Here it is explained again in more detail on PW3d:

Sailfish OS Apps on Sony Xperia 10 II on Patchwork3d


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