Last edit: 12. Feb. 2023, 17:42h

Sailfish OS: Major update 4.5

SailfishOS, the European privacy-oriented smartphone operating system has received a new update.
According to the blog post, 700 bug fixes and several new or adapted features were added.
Of particular interest to Alien Dalvic users (AD allows Android apps to run on Linux systems such as Sailfish OS):
Compatibility has been raised to Android v11.

In addition, there are several other improvements such as better Bluetooth connections, many new APIs for developers and especially interesting: All this is also available for supported smartphones, as now up to 9 years old.

In my video on YouTube I show the update process and tell a lot more about the update.

PatchWork3d: Sailfish OS Update to 4.5

Have fun with it!


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