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Sailfish OS: What is MicroG?

In some cases, Sailfish OS requires the ability to use Android apps. Most of them can be run relatively easily with Alien Dalvic, and they work just fine. However, some check very carefully that Google’s Play Services are installed on the device, and you usually don’t want that as a normal user of SFOS for privacy reasons.

MicroG offers a free and independent alternative to the closed and proprietary solutions of Google Services. It is a software suite generated on the reverse engineering approach, replicating the functionality of Play Services. This includes the Google Cloud Messaging API, the Location API and the Google Maps API, among others. MicroG allows users to set up their Android devices without a Google account and still access a variety of apps. It also provides greater control over privacy and data flow.

If you want to know more, you can find out more in the following Continuum Gaming video:

Important information

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You can also find my Sailfish OS playlist here:

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