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Small 3d-print: Headphone (Bluetooth) charging problem helper

I’ve been having problems with my Bluetooth headphones lately, because sometimes they just wouldn’t charge anymore.
After a little testing I found out what the problem is: The magnets (at least one of them) in the charging case are not strong enough to attract the earpieces properly.

This makes them quite useless, because I would have to press the earpieces by hand or e.g. with adhesive tape into the case and charge them. I have done this a few times, but now I want to find a better solution for the problem and I thought about pressing a small insert that pushes the headphones down when I push it in.


It is important that the switch is not permanently activated, because then the charger housing will also be empty very soon, because the headphones would be switched on and off practically all the time.

The Solution

Here you can see the solution to the problem: A small plastic part that is put under tension from the top side when you push it in.

Figure 1: Without attachment - only one page is loaded.

Figure 2: With attachment - when inserting, both sides are pressed down and loaded.


The printing takes about 5 minutes and so everything is fine again and I can still listen to my music :).


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