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The SocialMedia factor

Blogs, Facebook, Google+, Xing, Twitter and what else there is... they help us commincate, they drive the internet from nerds to normal people and give the possibility to write something in the internet for everybody.

But there is something that results of that, that I think many are not aware of... It is much harder to find specific informations than before. If you are searching for "Makerbot Support" or something like that you will get literally 100 blogs which are all writing exactly the same. And all of them have no in-depth informations but just the typical "New trend 3d-printing... it is so cool"-stuff in them. Not to say that it is not important to tell people about that, but this is of no use for people who are one step further.

Blogs are prefered by search engines sine the change interval of the informationsn on them is higher than for instance of an information website. That is easy to explain: Even if the informationswebsite is highly active: There has to be some research, some testing of these informations by people who take it seriously. Those infos would be MUCH more helpful to most people, but blogs with generic information will score better on Google and like that it is much harder to find those useful informations.

And there is another problem related to Blogs: There is only one person writing...
maybe there is a comment function but if comments are not well received by the blogger, they are just deleted or never approved. This is called a "Top-Down-Kommunikation" which is often stated as a bad thing. I am not really against that but it maybe a problem. (someone has to give the information first... so why not that person?)

Aber das Problem an der Sache: A forum will give you the opinion and informations from 25 Experts at once place and the discussions of those will often result in even better informations.
A blog is written by a selfdefined "expert" of whom nobody really knows if he really knows what he is talking about. So the potential informations are less useful in many situations. And if you have found a blog which is actually run by a real expert: Lets try to find informations about a specific sub-topic. A forum has a much better search-algorithm and simply be the fact that there is a discussion, people will write about the same thing in different versions which makes it more likely that you will search for the right search phrases to find these discussions...

So what do to against that? I am myself not sure about that... Do you have any ideas about that? And yes... I am aware about the ironic: I am writing about the bad things of blogs in a blog myself which has exactly the same problems... ;).


If my website sucks, you do not need to visit it.
Have a nice day and think about how much you have payed to visit it? Nothing...
How many ads do you see at it? None.

How much money do I earn from it? Nothing.
Does it cost me something to host it? Hell yeah.

I do not see why I should provide it to you to be insulted?