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TrekStor WinPhone 5.0 at Indiegogo

Especialy fans of Windows 10 (mobile) and Continuum should have a look at a recently opened CrowdFunding Campaign. It offers a especially for the price nicely equipped, mid-class smartphone by TrekStor (German company), which can handle Continuum and has one of the nicest designs of all the Windows smartphones.

Especially interesting is, that the smartphone is quite compact (5" screens are rare to find), it gives you access to Continuum, it offers a aluminium/glas case and a good battery life. The smartphone offers a mid-class processor which supports wireless continuum.

The early bird offers are already gone, but even for 249 Euros this is a very solid smartphone for a fair price and one of the cheapest ways to enter the world of Continuum.

Link: TrekStor WinPhone 5.0 at Indiegogo


What is this Continuum?

If you do not know yet what Continuum is, I'd suggest to have a look at my YouTube channel over here, where I use this interesting piece of technology:
Link: Continuum Gaming at YouTube


You are using Google Chrome...

Do you know that Google is known for not respecting your privacy and using your data without really asking for it?
For instance Chrome will scan your computer and the files you saved on it, transfers data about your internet surfing to Google and creates a extensive profile about you as a Chrome user while combining those data with all other services of Google.

Additional information can be found here: Why you should not use Google products if you can avoid it.

Because of that I highly recommend using another browser:


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I do not see why I should provide it to you to be insulted?